08. February 2017
The nickel strip must meet China National Standard GB/T2072-93. It is mainly applied in the manufacture of Nickel cadmium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries, Power tool and Special Lights. Surface color: silver State: Hard, 1/2H, 1/4H, Soft Density: ρ8.9 g / cm3 Advantages: Good electrical conductivity, small resistance, solid welding, good thermal diffusivity, Anti-corrosion
29. October 2013
The electrolytic nickel factory price of JinChuan Group is decreased RMB 600/ MT today, the electrolytic nickel price is RMB 100100/MT (Shanghai).
15. October 2013
The nickel strip purity of Baoji rare is between 99.5% and 99.95%. The whole production is vacuum melting, hot rolling, cold rolling, precision rolling, slitting and annealing. The thickness of nickel strip is from 0.03mm to 0.8mm, width is from 2mm to 250mm. There are four hardness for nickel strip, it is M (soft state), 1/4 H (one quarter hard), 1/2H (semi hard), 3/4 H (three quarter hard), H (full hard). Battery used nickel strip prefer to Baoji Rare. www.bj-alloy.com, info@bj-alloy.com.