About Us

BAOJI RARE TITANIUM-NICKEL CO., LTD, we are a company specialized in Nickel iron alloy, kovar, invar, Permalloy, MuMetal, Titanium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Nitinol and rare metals.


The company is located in the Baoji hi-tech industry development area of China, the area is famous as “Titanium City”. With advantages of abundant resources, high technology and strong productivity, our company cooperates with NORTHWEST INSTITUTE for non-ferrous Metal research, and manufacture good quality products for our customers.


Our products are conformed to national standards as in BS (UK), JIS (Japan), ASMT (USA) and DIN (Germany) as required. We are currently supplying a wider range of high-quality metal products to EU, Japan, US, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.


We are committed to total quality control and have in-plant with external independence quality controls and we also provide products quality inspection and service on-site when necessary.


Our innovation and involvement have provided our customer with best solution and helped them reduce cost while improving product quality



FAST TURN AROUND - We understand the importance of fast answers and quick delivery. 
At Rare, we strive to answer your questions instantaneously and deliver your product as if every order is expedited. Our mission is to facilitate every aspect of our business to keep our customers satisfied.


LOW PRICES - Our innovative processing helps us cut costs resulting in lower prices to our customers. As we implement new concepts and technologies we pass the savings onto our customers. We can work with you to make each order tailored to the specific job at hand, therefore reducing unneeded costs.


QUALITY - Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. Rare is a wholesale supplier and manufacture of titanium, nickel, tungsten molybdenum, nitinol and kovar products.